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Packing & Shipping Services


We offer UPS overnight shipping, 2-3 day shipping and regular ground shipping. UPS daily pickup time is 4:00pm.


We offer all the services that USPS offers! Priority mailing and priority flat rate box mailing, certified mailing services with return receipt and signatures, first class mailing and media mailing. USPS daily pickup time is at 4:00pm.

Wine Shipping

Our store is located in the heart of wine country; come on by to ship or package your wine to send home. Or take your wine to the Santa Rosa Airport, located near us, to take on the plane for free.

Laptop Shipping

Postal Plus offers special packaging for laptops. Our number one priority is making sure your electronics arrive at their destination safely.


We offer FedEx overnight shipping, 2-3 day shipping and regular ground shipping. Fedex daily pickup time is 3:30pm.


We have a variety of box sizes, bubble mailers and envelopes available for purchase along with tape, bubble wrap, and peanuts! We will package your item for you too!!


Fast, reliable. 2-3 day international shipping to most countries. Daily pick up time is 3:30pm.

Fine Art Shipping

Here at Postal Plus Inc. we know that every art piece is truly special. We take extra precaution to package your item properly to make sure it reaches its destination safely.



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